2020: Our Year of Zoom — Studio Rodrigo Year in Review

Ritik Dholakia
6 min readDec 31, 2020


Welp. It wasn’t the best year. But we made it through.

There’s a lot to say about COVID, BLM protests, the election, and the general state of our society outside of the work place. We continue to try and do better both in our work practice and culture, and also in who we collaborate with and how we apply our skills. A lot of work to be done.

But for this update we’ll focus on the positive work that the team at Studio Rodrigo manages to produce each year. And we’re happy to have made it to the end, to take some time to recap, recharge, and refocus.

We began the year with a studio move from Manhattan to Brooklyn, which proved to be timely. We got some Zoom practice and remote culture building due to delays in build out, and after about a month enjoying our new studio, we made the jump to remote work. Luckily, our very autonomous work style and ace team (plus Figma, Slack, and Zoom) made the jump fairly easy.

We did make a lot of Zoom backgrounds.

Zoom. Zoom. Zoom.

One small, good trend in our studio work over the past few years has been more companies (venture funded and established) trying to tackle thorny problems in health care and financial services.

We feel like there are huge opportunities to provide services that are simpler, more useful, and more trustworthy that help people healthier and wealthier. We are happy to collaborate on projects that can make material differences in people’s lives.

Redesign Health brand guidelines & logo animation study

Redesign Health
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